Impact Investment Solutions



JBJ Consult is an independent impact investment advisory boutique founded in 2010 by Julia Balandina Jaquier. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, it works with individuals and organizations around the world who want their investments and businesses to generate not only financial returns but also  a significant societal impact. It provides bespoke advice to private, institutional, and sovereign investors and philanthropists, helping them develop and implement mission-driven investment strategies, programs, and vehicles. JBJ Consult also builds the capacity of asset owners and managers to engage successfully in impact finance.



strategic (Board) workshops,

practice-oriented educational events, capacity-building

programs, and mentoring 



non-executive roles,

facilitating supervision and management of impact

investment programs 



We are passionate about using market-based approaches to address key environmental and social challenges, and helping our clients make a real difference in the world through investing. 


We believe that integrating sustainability and impact into investment strategies makes good business sense and fosters alignment with the values of asset owners, thereby creating a deeper purpose to and connection with their wealth.

Our work is shaped by over 20 years of active involvement in the impact finance and a deep belief that private capital is crucial to the paradigm shift towards fairer, more sustainable economic and financial systems.

We act as a trusted adviser to our clients and are keen to work with them to facilitate their long-term successful engagement in impact finance.


The core of our work is supporting asset owners, with a primary focus on families of wealth, their foundations, and Family Offices. We also help asset managers develop impact investment capabilities and products, and advise governments and developmental institutions in designing and managing mission-driven investment vehicles and building the enabling environment for private capital. 



Families of Wealth,

Family Offices, Foundations, and Family Businesses 


Multi-Family Offices,

Private Banks, Investment Funds and Wealth Managers


Governments, Corporates,

Multilateral/Development Finance Institutions


 capacity-building for new leaders

within families of wealth

Investing with Impact


JBJ Consult is the founder of KATALYST, a capacity-building program for families of wealth, designed to help them accelerate their involvement in impact finance.


Conducted in small cohorts of 3-6 people in a safe and confidential environment, with content tailored to the individual needs of participants, the program combines practice-oriented finance and impact investment training with curated strategy development, coaching and mentoring, and (optional) internship at an impact investment firm. 


It is an effective and enjoyable way for wealth owners to build their skills, confidence, and networks, craft bespoke strategies, and develop a pragmatic implementation approach



True to our mission of helping asset owners become meaningfully and successfully engaged in impact finance, JBJ Consult founder Julia Balandina Jaquier has published two books, the latest of which, Catalyzing Wealth for Change: Guide to Impact Investing, is often referred to as an "industry bible".


The result of seven years of research and collaboration with over 170 families of wealth around the world, Catalyzing Wealth for Change provides private and institutional investors with practical, step-by-step guidance on the development and implementation of an impact investment program.


It includes 45 case studies of leading impact investors, examples of impact portfolios and their performance, many practical tools, tips, and further resources. 



                     Julia is razor-sharp and extremely professional, while being cheerful and fun to work with. With her vast investment experience and network, excellent reputation, and focus on win-win solutions, she quickly became an invaluable contributor and a trusted partner. Her involvement was critical in getting buy-in from the key decision-makers of the family Board, shaping the strategy of the Skopos Impact Fund, and moving to its implementation within a short period of time.”


Stephen Brenninkmeijer, impact investor and philanthropist, C&A family  

                  Her unique expertise and extensive practical experience in building impact strategies across asset classes make Julia a very effective communicator at any level. Julia  is a thought leader, an authority in the field, and a very effective strategist. Having her as part of our team provided us with the necessary expertise, facilitating the development and approval of the strategy and the successful start of its execution. It is a true pleasure to have Julia on board!”    


Matthias Mosler, CEO, Kieger

                  Julia is one of those rare people who combine systems thinking and vision with the ability to translate ideas into actionable strategies, and actively drive their implementation. She grasps innovative concepts fast and is able to enhance them by detecting weak points and suggesting pragmatic solutions. Julia is a committed and driven partner, capable of improving the overall result of any initiative she decides to support."

Ruben Vardanyan, principal, RVVZ FO and foundation