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JBJ Consult accompanies its clients along their impact investment journey. It provides bespoke advice and training to private, institutional, and sovereign investors and philanthropists, helping them develop, implement, and manage mission-driven investment strategies, programs and vehicles. 



design and structuring of bespoke impact-generating investment  strategies, 

programs and vehicles



strategic (Board) workshops,

practice-oriented educational events, capacity-building

programs and mentoring 



non-executive roles

facilitating supervision & management of impact

investment programs 

Strategic Advisory


Engaging stakeholders, building alignment

Our work often starts by helping a "champion" within the organization or family to position impact and sustainable finance, gathering support from relevant stakeholders. This typically involves equipping them with knowledge about this investment approach and potential engagement strategies, sharing insights from peer experiences, and dispelling common misconceptions that may hinder involvement.

Crafting strategy, designing investment program, building Theory of Change 

With the green light obtained, JBJ Consult collaborates closely with clients to develop a customized strategy aligned with their philanthropic, financial, and strategic objectives. While we have previously provided ready-made solutions, we prefer a collaborative approach, co-designing strategies with clients. For multi-generational families and large organizations, we also facilitate discussions around shared values and program objectives. Subsequently, we assist in formulating an impact thesis, conducting portfolio assessments, and refining investment criteria and program parameters to create a coherent and actionable strategy. For those seeking to enhance their impact, we aid in developing a tailored Theory of Change.

Building teams, developing impact processes, establishing governance

We support clients in defining how the impact program will be managed, assessing internal resources and expertise, and assembling execution teams, including the selection of service providers. Additionally, we assist in establishing robust and practical investment processes, including the Investment Policy Statements, governance structures, and impact assessment and management.  




We love to share what we know and empower our clients to make impactful investments. We have developed and delivered a variety of educational programs and events, including tailored masterclasses for different organizations and investor networks, as well as conferences. Additionally, we offer customized workshops and training sessions for asset owners and managers, along with impact investment courses and lectures at business schools and universities, spanning executive education and MBA programs. We've also implemented comprehensive capacity-building programs specifically designed for asset owners. Our flagship program for asset owners is KATALYST.


After assisting in the design of impactful investment strategies, we frequently provide ongoing support to our clients throughout the implementation phase. This involves aiding in the development of practical implementation approaches, facilitating the selection of service providers, or the establishment of internal teams. Additionally, we offer assistance in managing impact portfolios, conducting assessments of financial and impact performance, strategic reviews, and organizational development initiatives. Our commitment often extends to assuming non-executive roles within our clients' organizations, such as serving on Advisory Boards, Investment Committees, or Steering Committees, or providing guidance in senior advisory capacities.

Implementation Support
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